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About myself 
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My name is Jamie and live in San Antonio, TX. I'm 50 years old and I am a structural engineer by trade. My interest in astronomy started at 12.years old when I received a Tasco telescope. This wasn't a cheapie Tasco...4 in refractor on nice equatorial mount.
I was at the beach in a very dark sky area in January. Looking up at the stars I saw something I haven't seen in years...the milky way. Normally I lived in light polluted areas and could hardly see the stars. I had a pair of 8 x 35 binoculars on a 10 night. This started my interest again in astronomy.
I bought an ETX-125 and a lot of accessories. Most of all I bought the LPI imager. This peaked my interest in astrophotography. I soon upgraded to a SAC7A. which opened the skies for DSO's.

It wasn't long before I developed aperature fever. Quenching this thirst I bought a Coulter 13.1 Odessey I. I wanted to fix this old thing up and mount it on a GEM.  

I got interested in astrophotography when I started with the Meade LPI. Then I upgraded to a Sac7 whicih I still use for an autoguider. Then I purchased a Sac8 then Starlight Xpress HX916 and finally my main camera the SXVH9.

Anyhow...I'm sitting here dreaming of some clear skies like most of you.



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